The easy and elegant solution

If you want to signal that you’ve moved up the social ladder, consider having a pool – but not just any kind of pool. Call us and find out more about our offer of Styrofoam swimming pools – elegant, modern, and quite affordable, these types of pools are the most popular nowadays. And for good reason – easy to install, they can take any shape and size the customer wants.

But Styrofoam isn’t the only material used in order to build the swimming pool – another one would be the geotextile layer, which provides further insulation. Thus, the water heater won’t have to work constantly and the heat transfer is reduced to a minimum. Other materials used are the smooth concrete slabs for the bottom of the pool, as well as other materials for further waterproofing.

So what should you do in order to have the latest Styrofoam swimming pools technology installed at your home? Well, before calling us, you need to consider a couple of things.

And the most important is the budget you are allocating to the construction of the pool. This is the most important, since everything depends on it. Then you need to calculate the surface of your swimming pool – it is all up to you whether it will be an outdoor or an indoor one.

After you have decided on these, you can decide on the shape and overall design of the new swimming pool. While we can offer you prefabricated sections to be installed at home, you must certainly have your own idea as to how your pool should look like. So meet with our designers and show them what you have in mind – whether by photos of swimming pools, whether by phots of certain places you have visited (and which don’t feature swimming pools), our designers will find exactly what you need. Info…

If we are talking about design, in your budget you should also include extra-costs, such as cascade waterfalls, bushy perennials without shallow roots, as well as others. Having a pool isn’t just about the pool itself, but also about its surroundings.

The Styrofoam swimming pools support many times of extra-features, which should also be included from the start in your budget. So think carefully, because installing them afterwards will prove to be more costly than installing them from the start.

The water heater is the one that you should definitely have, since it will maintain the water at the desired temperature. In the case of the indoor swimming pools, you can also consider purchasing a dehumidifier, which will measure the temperature and the humidity in the room, thus decreasing the heating costs.

A must are also the shutters, which will prevent unwanted accidents, as well as saving you the trouble of cleaning the pool of impurities. Nonetheless, there is another solution for these too, in the form of the automated cleaning robots.

There are quite a few extra-features which can be added – but they can all be controlled remotely or via a screen touch display. For more information, do call us – our designers and technicians will be more than happy to give you the best advices.

If you are searching for the latest Styrofoam swimming pools technologies, then you have come to the right place. Call us now and benefit from our discounts! Uk Pulse – Cheap swimming pools for sale.

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