A gift of extra-time

When time is the most valuable commodity, Dartford cleaners are going to make sure that you have as much as you want. And how will we do that?

Well, we all know that chores need to be done in and around the house. And the thing about chores is that nobody really wants to do them. They are necessary, in the sense that this is the basic maintenance of the household, but they aren’t something that should be done by the house owner. With our teams of professional maids and cleaning technicians we will take away all these chores, for you to enjoy your free time in the most pleasant way possible.

You cannot say that, upon arriving from work, you’re actually keen on cleaning the windows, or the over, or the carpets, and so on. Why should you do that? Your working hours finished, you should just relax – Dartford cleaners will be more than happy to do all the work for you.

Professional, reliable and discreet, our cleaning technicians and maids don’t need any kind of supervision while doing their work. They can arrive at your place prior before you left, but just in time to receive all the extra-instructions. By the time you will be back home, everything will be sparkling clean.

Of course, our gardeners will take care of the gardening duties for you. And this means, besides the usual lawn mowing and besides the compost removal, they can also give your garden a more commercial look, while also doing the maintenance duties for the patio, the pathway, and so on.

If in any way you are not satisfied by the services of our teams of cleaning technicians, please call us back, within a given timeframe, depending on the services you have requested. Free of any charge, we’ll send another team over to remove any unwanted situation.

Over the course of time, we have diversified our offer beyond just the cleaning duties in and outside of the house. In this way, for example, besides the after-party cleaning services, we can also provide assistance prior and during it. Thus, by calling ASK Dartford cleaners, you will have help for the decorating of the house, as well for the waiting of your guests.

This also goes for our cleaning services, as far as offices and office buildings are concerned. The usual tasks concern window cleaning, rubbish removal, as well as some others. However, if you plan on redecorating your office, feel free to call us.

Our teams will provide assistance with the painting jobs, wallpapering, plumbing, as well as other tasks pertaining to the maintenance of the office building.

Rest assured – the schedule of our cleaning technicians won’t interfere in any way with your own schedule or the schedule of your employees. Our cleaning technicians can arrive either in the evening, after the working hours, either in the weekends.

So if you want to bypass all the chores from in and around the house and if you want to have a modern and safe work environment, appeal to the services of Dartford cleaners. As far as we are concerned, we don’t have just clients – we have satisfied clients. Be one of them! Tips…